Dear Readers, welcome to my travel, lifestyle blog. I invite you to join me and my hubby on our great adventure and going round and experiencing what this beautiful world of ours has to offer. Travel, unique different cultures, art of food worldwide, and unique experiences. From the tiny of the tiniest island of Malta off to European countries, a taste of Africa, Around Asia, and why not, lets even hop on a bit Aussie land, Australia. Who knows, maybe America also awaits us soon 🙂 All this with a backpack each, and on a tight budget… but hey, that surely does not keep us from enjoying the best of moments, see the most of beautiful places and experience unique adventures!

And why not, you can do it too. While reading this blog on the net, why not, I encourage you to open a search and try to grab a cheap flight to some new country and just enjoy and experience what this world has to offer!

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