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So my husband and I are currently travelling in all sort of places, obviously, the backpackers life is exciting, adventurous, rewarding, but also challenging at the same time. Travelling as a backpacker literally means you are on the move all the time and due to this, you just carry with you a backpack, and maybe a daybag. Apart from having to carry it with you everytime you move, this mainly results in very limited accessories and clothing outfits…. At times you start feeling like you need a whole makeover, especially for a lady traveller 🙂

Travelling like this made us realize that you only need so little to live, just a small backpack with all your things, a room, bed, bathroom, and food.

However, now we took it to another level. Here in Australia, to travel ideally you need a car, and accomodation is pretty expensive, thus our decision was to buy a car with a good space at the back. And guess what, we actually are living in a car most of the days! Once you sort all your things, and settle inside, you just cannot help but think…. We actually do have everything we need in a car!!! Sleeping area, cooking stuff, some food, all our clothes, etc etc. However, even more surprising is the fact that from 6 months travelling, we actually feel that this little dear car of ours has resulted to be one of the best accommodations we slept at (minus a few 🙂 )!

Travelling on a low budget you usually book a very simple room, and you have to unpack and pack again every time you move. While sleeping in our car, we have everything sorted in its hidden space, still a comfy bed, and wherever we go we just have everything with us!!

Aaa life is beautiful!! And we need so little to live well and enjoy it to the full!!

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